New ACTION Chlorinated Disinfectant Cleaner


New ACTION Chlorinated Disinfectant Cleaner

We are committed to continuous innovation and efficacy in all our products, and this is exactly why we present the new ACTION Chlorinated Disinfectant Cleaner from the Limpiaplus range, under the HA health registration for hospitality.

It is specially formulated to meet all cleaning and disinfection expectations in your premises.

Total disinfection guaranteed

The ACTION cleaner is the product of a formula created for immediate total disinfection thanks to the power of the bleach which it contains. It can be used on various bathroom and kitchen surfaces and is particularly effective against damp stains which show up on boards causing such an unaesthetic effect. Having a powerful fungicidal action and obtains contact disinfection on surfaces and equipment.

Design adapted to you

In order to adapt all our products to your day-to-day life, we have designed an ergonomic container, adapted for manual use in a 750 ml format with an aerosol diffuser which enables you to control the amount applied and to optimally dose the product, without any dripping or splashing. It is very easy to use and fast acting. After applying the product, you can see how your equipment and surfaces match the appearance that your premises deserves. For professional cleaning, rely on quality products formulated to meet the most demanding needs.