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The Ambiplus product range supplements and improves its solutions

Make a difference, make it using Ambiplus

It is becoming increasingly important for companies to make a difference, that it why a company needs to have products offering quality, innovation and the professional results that its customers demand.

At Vinfer we know that only too well and hope to count on your support and trust, using to that purpose, the latest advances and all our know-how experience in order to develop top-tier solutions.

The Ambiplus product line is designed to help the most demanding companies to pursue their objectives. And therefore, yours too.

Fresh, clean, and pleasant. Professional quality in each spray.

Ambiplus combines the implementation of a select project investigating aromas with the latest technology to procure subtle and attractive fragrances which are long-lasting and obtain a feeling of freshness and hygiene.

Its meticulous design process enables one to create a pleasant ambience and eliminate bad odours thanks to its deodorising function. And nothing is more pleasant than a clean and pleasantly scented ambience.

Adapting to every need, to each environment.

Meticulous selection of fragrances which offer fragrances with a floral core with subtle wood nuances to citrus and refreshing aromas that adapt to all environments. There are several versatile formats which include 250 ml hypoallergenic perfumes suitable for use with a diffuser.

Whether for small rooms or for large facilities, Ambiplus obtains more than just excellent results: adapting itself to you, your company and your needs. And for that purpose, has paid special attention to the raw materials and selecting the best and most varied fragrances enabling us to offer the highest quality whatever the space or location.

“Large Flush” Format. Greater convenience, excellent results.

And if it is a question of spacious facilities… Scents and perfumes large spaces in the blink of an eye. The powerful Large Flush format combines quality and good taste with a heavy-duty spray system which allows large areas to be scented with minimal effort, simplifying the task without sacrificing the finest quality and excellent results.

Discover all our professional solutions, aromas and formats:

Discover the entire Ambiplus product range and do not miss out on the latest advances in air fresheners and cleaning


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