Kiimberly Ramirez


We are pleased to introduce the innovative Campero Breeze product line, the household natural inspiration air freshener solution and with differentiating packaging primed to stand out at the point of sale.

Created to meet requirements​

The range is designed to meet the expectations of the most demanding consumers and to be at the forefront of the market, delivering three varieties with pleasant and distinctive scents without sacrificing the characteristic intensity of our valued Campero brand.

Its careful formulation uses natural essences and is allergen free, suitable for the most sensitive or conscious consumers. Furthermore, its composition has been specially designed to be compatible for use on fabrics, and as a result leaves no stains or residues.

The most advanced spraying system

The attractive packaging of the product line which stands out, maintaining a natural finish aesthetic and integrating a distinctive advantage, its mini trigger spray gun. This diffuser permits the content to be optimally dosed, and a particularly user-friendly and convenient handling.

Moreover, having a simple blocking system which prevents accidental spraying or content leakages, facilitating use of the product whenever so desired and securely closed as often as required.

Campero Breeze Range, convenience, design and simplicity and the most important thing, a second to none fragrance.

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