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Heading back into the daily grind and coping with the last few weeks of summer. A hot and intense summer as regards to where insects are concerned and for which Laboratorios Vinfer wishes to propose a solution.

Introducing the addition of a new product family to the household range, focused on an ever-more demanding consumer as regards to what they buy, having a heightened awareness of the environment, the ecological, the natural, that linked to the land… From this scenario VINFERMATÓN NATURAL SOLUTIONS is created.

” A return to the natural remedies ”

Despite the numerous breakthroughs and trends which emerge in the market, there is always a past which cannot be left behind, and that in the majority of cases, we end up resorting to when a solution cannot be found. In a not-so-distant past, where aerosols, insecticides, plugs etc did not exist … the only solution against insects was to make use of herb plants such as citronella, rosemary, basil, lavender, geranium etc. These are plants which, naturally repel certain insects, and where each herb has its specialty, as if it were a range of specialised insecticides.

” Vinfer’s option ”

Verifying and taking advantage of the fact that citronella has a natural repellent effect against mosquitoes, basil against cockroaches and rosemary against flies and moths, creating the Vinfermatón Natural Solutions product range, a line composed of products drawing upon the natural ingredients of these plants, in different formats to adapt to all consumers’ needs. From aerosol air fresheners, to Mikados or scented candles.

” Discover the entire range ”

Vinfermatón Natural Solutions has 9 products designed for the different uses, rooms and preferences of a household:

-400ml Aerosols – 3 400ml aerosols, with spray-cap and a lightweight formula which does not stain floors or furniture. Each aerosol spray possesses the effects of each of the plants, to ward off and repel any type of insect while giving our home a rural touch.

-50ml Mikado  – the decorative ambience option for those looking for a continuous and long-lasting effect. Forget those pesky insects for 45 days.

-750ml Mops – with a renewed and high quality formula, suitable for wooden floors, with basil and citronella to repel crawling insects while cleaning and scenting the floors of your home.

– 1L Floor cleaner –a cleaner for all types of floors, with a dosing cap and suitable for use with household pets. Its superior cleaning power helps in keeping floors impeccable both indoors and outdoors, while saying goodbye to crawling insects.

Scented Candle – for those who prefer to have a lit candle, near a window, which permeates the room and lets you take care of what is really important. A solution to ward off mosquitoes designed for indoor use, with citronella, lavender, geraniol…

Coils – a solution designed for outdoors (patios, gardens, terraces …) where mosquitoes prevent us from having a pleasant dinner during summer nights. Keeping mosquitoes away with their natural oils and pleasant citrus scent.


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