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We are proud to introduce our small great innovative Mikado air fresheners product range, ready to perfume the market.

Our exquisite selection of Campero Tea&Fruit fragrances adapted to the stylish format, with an attractive look, its specific characteristics, the usual effectiveness…

And all without losing the essence which defines us!

Versatile, convenient and eye-catching

Scents and leaves a subtle perfume with any of its 4 selected fragrances available without compromising convenience, given that it is small, easy to use and store.

An exquisite aesthetic item which combines with any room and has a long-lasting alcohol-free formula that maintains the same intensity for 45 days. Specifically designed to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers, in a differentiating aluminium packaging which stands out from the competition.

Our inspiration

Colourful and vibrant elements of nature such as flowers, teas of the world or the countryside inspired us in its day to create our renowned Tea&Fruit range, previously only available in a 250ml format.

Today that range has inspired us once again to be repurposed and adapted to the new demands of the market, reaching homes in the format which combines serviceability, convenience and decoration in equal parts. But always keeping those aromatic nuances which make Campero Tea&Fruit one-of-a-kind products.

Innovative Packaging & Limited Edition

The product has been designed in an innovative packaging with a colourful and minimalist look whilst still offering a pleasant distinguishing and characteristic scent.

Its embossed cap confers ease of use, reliability and maintenance of the product in optimal conditions. All presented in a 100% recyclable and striking cardboard packaging.

Furthermore, so as to celebrate the launch, the product will be available in a limited edition which combines the 4 versions in a single pack, with an absolutely visual premium look ready to grab the attention of the customer.

Nothing has been left to chance in bringing to the market a unique Mikado air freshener which truly sets it apart from the current offer.

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