Laboratorios VINFER S.A. was set up in 1980 in the manufacturing and sale of insecticides field. Located in the city of Albacete having spacious and modern in the Campollano Industrial Estate, wherein the manufacturing and packaging of cleaning, air fresheners, insecticides and hygiene products is carried out. Our commitment to consolidation and growth is based on the implementation of 3 sales channels: household, professional and exports.



Continuous customer satisfaction is part of a strict policy of quality which nowadays is incorporated into all levels of our company, from the working methodology followed by the entire workforce to the technological processes and raw materials used in the development of our products. In order to ensure that all guidelines are undertaken correctly, exhaustive quality controls are carried out, fostering those favourable practices and proposing actions to remedy any possible deviations. These actions and decisions are framed in our Quality Manual and are carried out in the Procedures Manual, pursuant to the international UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2008 Standard requirements.

I + D + I

At Laboratorios VINFER S.A. we have a team of specialised professionals who enable us to maintain our commitment to the development and innovation in products and processes. To that end, our R&D+i department is equipped with the most innovative technical and instrumental means for the analysis and testing required in a research process (gas chromatography, Karl Fisher Titrators, pilot scale aerosol packaging machines, dry extract meter, viscometer etc.).


At Laboratorios Vinfer we are committed to society, the planet and to you. Implementing an important environmental policy, focusing on plastic and paper waste minimisation, the creation of new ecological products and likewise collaborating with ECOEMBES and ECOLEC for the recycling of packaging, containers and electronic appliances. We are committed to selecting only quality raw materials and to pursuing the latest, technology friendly and most efficient technological processes. In our continuous fight against inequality, we are proud to have hired employees with disabilities which make up 10% of our workforce. Furthermore, the continuing concern to contribute our best for society leads us to actively collaborate and support associations such as AECC (Spanish Association Against Cancer), ASPRONA and AFAEPS. We want to invest in development, sustainability and professional ethics as values which identify us.


2006 San Juan Award
New Technologies and Innovation

2018 Adeca Award
Three Decades of Work and Collaboration Together

IV COPE Albacete Award
For the Work of Women Entrepreneurs